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Ryan Fessler CIS128 Assignment #8 To create and manage the database records, you would use Microsoft Access. This program allows you to incorporate tables of your database information. There can be one or more tables in your database. You would then define each of the fields in your table, and start plugging in your information. Excel also has the capability of creating pie and bar charts based off of your information. You would enter or insert the database information into the cells of Excel and then create these graphs with the properties of
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Unformatted text preview: your choosing. Your database information as well as your charts can be included in a slideshow presentation created in Microsoft PowerPoint. This program specializes in creating presentations with slides. The charts can be inserted into a slide as well as the database. Each slide can contain one chart or both, its up to you. You can add effects to each slide such as sound and you can also use a variety of slide transitions....
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