Power Point Project 2-2

Power Point Project 2-2 - we can do, hyperlinks would be...

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I would present information on Rails to Trails using a few different methods. First, I would describe their mission on one slide, keeping it simple. Bulleting how they accomplish their mission would work best, since there are a few different ways that they accomplish their mission. I would also bullet their successes and give a few quick facts about the organization. In one slide, I would give a basic summary of what they do. Inserting a map of where they work would be a good idea as well. For the topic “What
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Unformatted text preview: we can do, hyperlinks would be used (for additional info) along with a brief description of what we could do based off of these links. Pictures of some of the trails on a few different slides would be a nice complement. Tables or graphs could be utilized to display a few financial statistics about the organization and how much money they have raised. I believe that describing the basic elements of the company, along with a few graphics, is the best way to familiarize people with RTC....
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