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Unformatted text preview: Amigas Graphic Design Amigas Graphic Design New Employee Orientation Presented by Your Name What We’ll Discuss What We’ll Discuss • Services • Clients • Team Structure and Skills • Team Structure and Skills • Employee Benefits Services Services Marketing Consultation Graphic Design Copywriting and Content Editing • Project Management • Web Page Design • • • Clients Clients • Small start­up businesses – – – – Loftus Appraisals, Inc. Mt. Auburn Grille • Local businesses Halifax Computer Resources Co. Wood County Savings and Loan • Schools – Southwest Vocational and Community College Team Structure and Skills Team Structure and Skills • Marketing Consultation • Graphic Design – – – – – Market Research and Analysis Branding Sales Collateral and Packaging Advertising and Promotion Annual Reports • Copywriting and Content Editing – Writing and Editing Team Structure and Skills Team Structure and Skills • Project Management • Web Page Design – Client­Creative Team­Production Liaison – Concept and Content Management – Site Maintenance Employee Benefits Employee Benefits • Health Insurance – – – Medical Insurance Dental Insurance Vision Insurance • • • • Vacation and Holidays Sick Days 401K Stock Options ...
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