SWOT Threats - Since there are so many styles, it is going...

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Threats Not enough money Other established companies Dissension of group members Similarity in styles Product not liked Failure Threats our organization could encounter include not having enough money to keep the company running, other more established companies driving us out of business, the vast amount of styles and trying to create our own, conflict within the organization, consumers dislike of our product, and quite possibly failure. Clothing, especially t-shirts, are not that expensive to purchase and design but if our product is not received well by the buyers, our organization would lose money. There is a large amount of other clothing organizations that are more established and popular. Our goal is to make a profit, but with so many different brands and styles out there, it might take a while to make a name for ourselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Since there are so many styles, it is going to be difficult to try to develop our own unique style that will be stylish and also affordable. Many clothing companies go out of business each year and it may require a lot of time to establish ourselves. Also, different members of the organization may have different opinions and views of what direction our company should go in. This includes what new styles to create and how to advertise them. Dissension may lead to the break up of the organization. The one aspect that is the most threatening to our organization would be that our product is not liked. If our product isnt received well by the buyers, we would fail due to the negative response and money not coming in....
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SWOT Threats - Since there are so many styles, it is going...

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