Part 3 - 1 After reading an article about the Vietnam War I...

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After reading an article about the Vietnam War, I could get a sense of what the lower class people over in Vietnam were feeling. They didn’t really have an opportunity to voice their opinions because both sides, the Vietcong and Southern Vietnam, were fighting for their allegiance in a forceful manner. The peasants of Vietnam were pretty much being bullied into one side or the other. All they really cared about was their peace and prosperity, so it was a difficult decision for most. Then there is the United States and the citizens’ thoughts on the whole situation. Over fifty-eight thousand United States soldiers died in the Vietnam War 1 and the citizens I interviewed argue whether it was the right decision to help the South Vietnam out in their fight against the North. The interviewees, Don and Chris Burdick, have both stated that they think the war was not fought for a worthy cause. Chris stated, “No that’s my sentiments. It was a bad deal and I believe that a lot of our men went over there and died for nothing.” 2 Don agreed as well by saying, “No, and I would have to agree that there is a time for war and a time for peace but Vietnam was neither. A lot of young men died for an unworthy cause… it’s sad to hear but I believe that’s the truth. In the treaty that we agreed on, we basically pulled our men out and recovered the prisoners that were taken from us. I think that we would have been better off not even going to war…which I think a majority of people would agree with me on.” Even in the Time Magazine article, there is a statement claiming that the South Vietnam government was rigid, and often corrupt. United States observers of the war were having doubts that it may have been a bad idea to back South 1 “Statistical information about casualties of the Vietnam War.” The National Archives, 2007,, Accessed 5 February 2009. 2 Burdick, Don & Chris. Interview held in home, Fenton, Michigan, January 2009. 1
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Vietnam. When the article was written, the United States government had already poured in two billion dollars for economic and military aid. 3 What we may not fully understand, however, is the importance of stopping the North Vietnam from imposing communism on a collapsing South Vietnam. The peasants in the article are pretty much stuck in a sticky situation because they have to obey whoever has a military presence in their area. What I gained from reading this article is that most peasants just wanted peace and prosperity, but may have believed that North Vietnam was the better way to go. One peasant stated, "A Communist spoke for 30 or 40 minutes. He spoke Jarai, just like us. He told us that his men would soon be masters of the South, that the French left the country to them. 'And when we are masters,' he said, 'you can have everything in the jungle. All the fish. All the meat.'" Another peasant added, "The Viet Cong come into the fields and work with you. If there's no work to be
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Part 3 - 1 After reading an article about the Vietnam War I...

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