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vietnam interview - Ryan Fessler PS 118 Part 2 Interviews...

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Ryan Fessler PS 118 11/10/2010 Part 2: Interviews about a Cold War Event May I have permission to use this transcribed interview for my political science class and possible future publication? Don : Yes you may. Chris : Yes. 1. What do you recall about the Vietnam War? Don : I recall the nightly news reports about the mounting causalities, the implementation of a draft, a number of my classmates leaving high school to go to Vietnam and some of them not returning home. And then the escalation when Nixon came in and I guess before Nixon…being at the university there was a growing concern. A lot of students didn’t really know all of the details of the war… I remember when I was a part of the peace rallies marching to Michigan State down to the capital with around ten thousand people. The governor would come out to say “This is not the right way to voice your opinion! Please do not do anything that will cause disruption!”, and us thinking we could tear this place down brick for brick if we wanted to. There was absolute outrage that the government wasn’t paying any attention to any of us; at that point I don’t believe I could vote yet. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t. When I turned eighteen after I graduated high school they implemented the draft. Every single one of my classmates was worried. And it wasn’t a choice whether you wanted to go fight in the war… if you got selected you went, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I was in the first lottery and my number came up 365 but I had a deferment to go to college. If you were taken in the draft chances are you
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Ryan Fessler PS 118 11/10/2010 were going to go to Vietnam. There was a classmate of mine who was a singer and great musician….just a really talented guy. He went and within a few months I had heard that he was killed. I was only a couple of months into my first year of college when I found this out. To me, it could have just as easily been me. So it struck close to home for me and I realized that this was a very dangerous war… troubling times in America… Chris : My memory of the Vietnam War was flying to Washington and I sat next to a reporter from the New York Times and he was telling me about the war in March of 1965. This is the first I had heard of the war. And then your uncle Gary went in 1968 as a junior in high school. We were all so worried about him when he left, especially mom. And I remember seeing all that stuff over the news about the Kent State thing. There were other incidents besides the Kent State situation, but that is the one I remember the most vividly. When we turned on the TV, there was coverage of President John F. Kennedy committing military advisers to the region and not much on what was actually going on over there. 2.
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vietnam interview - Ryan Fessler PS 118 Part 2 Interviews...

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