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Table of Contents - 18 Other Inputs 19 Chapter IV –...

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Bug Tracking System Table of Contents Chapter I – Introduction Introduction 1 Objectives 2 Features 3 Description of the Project 5 Definition of the Project and Alternative Scenarios 9 Relationship to Surrounding and Geographical Area 9 Chapter II – Market Feasibility Industry Description 10 Industry Competitiveness 11 Market Potential 12 Sales Projection 13 Access to Market Outlet 15 Chapter III – Technical Feasibility Determine the Facility Needs 16 Suitability of Production Technology 18 Availability and Suitability of Site
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Unformatted text preview: 18 Other Inputs 19 Chapter IV – Financial Feasibility Estimated Capital Requirements 21 Budgeted Expected Costs and Returns of Various Alternatives 23 Chapter V – Organizational/Managerial Feasibility Business Structure 24 Business Founders 25 Feasibility Study Report Bug Tracking System Business Process 25 Contingency Plan 27 License Agreement 29 Chapter VI – Conclusion Conclusion 31 Feasibility Study Report...
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