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cover - Assignments as stated in the Course Information...

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CSCC09F Assignment Cover Sheet Programming Assignment # _____ Fill out this sheet and deposit it in the C09 drop box (S-wing 6 th floor). Without this completed cover sheet, your assignment will not be marked. 1 st Partner Name: _________________________________________ Student #: _______________________________ 2 nd Partner Name: ________________________________________ Student #: _______________________________ Login name used for mathlab.utsc submit: ______________________ “I have read and understood the policy on Collaboration on
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Unformatted text preview: Assignments as stated in the Course Information handout. I assert this work is my own, and I appropriately acknowledge any and all sources I used in the preparation of this assignment.” Signature(s): ___________________________________ ___________________________________ (without your signature(s), your assignment will not be marked) Acknowledgements: (you need not acknowledge the course text or lecture notes)...
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