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EC327 2009 HW2 - float viii. double Problem 2-4 [10 points...

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EC327 Introduction to Software Engineering HW #2 – Due Monday Oct. 05, 2009 Name: ___________________ BUID: ___________________ Homework guidelines: You are expected to do individual work on homework assignments. They are a learning tool to reflect with greater depth on some of the concepts discussed in class. Homework should be handed in during class on the due date. Please use extra sheets as necessary and staple them to this grading sheet. Problem 1 [24 points] Please write a short C program that displays the range of values that can be assigned to the following data types. For example, unsigned byte should show a range of 0x00 to 0xFF. Please make sure to include your code. i. char ii. unsigned byte iii. short int iv. int v. unsigned int vi. long vii.
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Unformatted text preview: float viii. double Problem 2-4 [10 points each, 30 points total] Please complete problems 2, 4, 7 of Chapter 3, and include a printout of your code. Problem 5 [46 points] Write a program that prompts the user to enter an integer, and then converts that integer into its ASCII equivalent without using any of the standard string C libraries . Your code must use a case statement to lookup relevant ASCII values, and use a while loop to iterate through the digits. Please provide both the code and its printout. Problem 6 [Quiz 1 Extra Credit 15 pts, maximum total points for Quiz 1 remains 20 pts] Extend Problem #5 to prompt a user for a decimal number and convert that into its ASCII equivalent. Score: _______ Extra credit towards Quiz 1: _______...
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