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151-M2 Manual Addendum rev 3

151-M2 Manual Addendum rev 3 - PHY-151 M2 Manual Addendum...

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PHY-151 M2 Manual Addendum On occasion, it will be necessary to deviate from what has been set forth in the lab manual due to changes in equipment, or discovering a better way of doing things. This addendum represents changes that have taken place between now and when the manual was written, therefore the information here supersedes that in the lab manual. In the event that the addendum is blank on a particular section of the manual, follow the manual. VI-1: Clearly tabulate the data. Each height should have its own table, and each table should include the following information: t, t 2 , average of the t 2 and standard deviation of the t 2 . For the final height (e.g. the height from which you dropped the small and large balls), you should also calculate the average time and the standard deviation of the time for both balls. These will be used for part VI-4. VI-2: Using Excel, plot d vs. t 2 . Your plot should have a trend line, and the equation of that trend line should be displayed in the graph.
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