151-M9 Manual Addendum rev 3

151-M9 Manual Addendum rev 3 - 151-M9 Harmonic Motion...

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151-M9 Harmonic Motion Manual Addendum On occasion, it will be necessary to deviate from what has been set forth in the lab manual due to changes in equipment, or discovering a better way of doing things. This addendum represents changes that have taken place between now and when the manual was written, therefore the information here supersedes that in the lab manual. In the event that the addendum is blank on a particular section of the manual, follow the manual. V: Procedure V-1: No changes to lab manual. V-2: Proceed as directed in the lab manual, but be aware that there is a right and wrong way to hang the spring. With your spring hanging, and no mass or mass holder attached, each loop in the spring ought to be roughly equidistant from its neighbors. This means that the smaller diameter end should be at the top, and the larger diameter end should be at the bottom. V-3: Next, we will take the data to verify equation 7. Rather than using a stopwatch, we will use the Pasco counter/timer to count the number of oscillations in a fixed period of time. In this instance, the counter/timer will tell us how many cycles, or oscillations occurred in 60 seconds. The way it works is as follows: The counter/timer has a photogate plugged into the back of it. The photogate consists of a light source, and a light detector. The counter/timer will count how many times the light beam to the light detector gets interrupted. Start with a 50 gram mass on the mass holder at the end of the spring. Place the short end of the Aluminum flag between the mass and the mass holder-the 50 gram mass will hold it in place. With the mass at rest, adjust the height of the photogate such that the flag is centered in the light
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151-M9 Manual Addendum rev 3 - 151-M9 Harmonic Motion...

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