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257-MP7 Addendum rev 0

257-MP7 Addendum rev 0 - VI For the Report VI-1 through...

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PHY-257 MP7 Manual Addendum V. Procedure V-1 through V-8: No change from the manual V-9: Use the procedure of V-7 to measure the average wavelength of the Na doublet at m=1. Measure the wavelengths of each component of the doublet at m=2. V-10: No change from the manual, but be advised the number and type of filters may be different from that stated in the manual. Record the angle for all filters provided.
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Unformatted text preview: VI. For the Report VI-1 through VI-3: No change from the Manual. VI-4: Determine the average wavelength of the doublet form the m=1 measurement. Determine the wavelengths of the components of the doublet from m=2. Calculate the corresponding photon energy difference Δ E in meV and determine the percentage error. No more changes to manual....
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