257-MP11 Manual Addendum rev 1

257-MP11 Manual Addendum rev 1 - PHY-257 MP-11 Manual...

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PHY-257 MP-11 Manual Addendum V: Procedure V-1 When the manual was written, we only had access to single channel oscilloscopes, meaning we could only look at one waveform at a time. If we wanted to compare two waveforms, we needed to remember the first (usually by tracing or sketching) and then look at the second. Today we have access to scopes that allow us to examine two or more wave forms simultaneously. CH 1 Input CH 2 Oscilloscope Channel inputs are coaxial outer conductor is ground, inner conductor is signal. Both channels share a common ground Coaxial Cables Figure 1: Measuring the phase difference between voltage and current in a circuit with capacitance. The black trace is channel 1 and the orange trace is channel 2. Wire the circuit as shown in figure 1. The resistor should be set to 6000 , the capacitor should be set to .002 F, and the signal generator should be set to 1 kHz. Be sure that all of the controls on the generator are set properly (e.g. DC offset and sweep rate set to “off”) Depending on
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available cabling, you may be using BNC-Banana adapters on the oscilloscope and using banana cables to connect the scope to the circuit. It is important to note how the connections are made in the circuit. If we travel around our circuit in a clockwise fashion starting at the signal generator, the first thing we come to is the resistor. The scope is set to measure the voltage across this resistor, with the input side as the higher voltage and the output side as ground. Continuing on we see that this arrangement is reversed for the capacitor, and the reason for this is that the grounds of both input channels of the scope are connected together inside the scope. This means that if we were to measure the voltage across the capacitor by putting the high side of channel 2
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257-MP11 Manual Addendum rev 1 - PHY-257 MP-11 Manual...

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