Cultivation - Cultivation Mean World Syndrome 1994 Scholars...

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Cultivation Mean World Syndrome 1994 – Scholars find that 61% of ppl in the US feel that television “contributes a lot” to violent acts in society 1996 – US News & World report pollsters find that 3 of every 4 Americans rate entertainment programs on TV as having a “large impact” in contributing to violence 2000 – A Freedom Forum Poll finds that 83% of American nationwide believe that TV violence contributes either a great deal or somewhat to violence in real world Core of Cultivation “We have found that long-term exposure to TV, in which frequent violence is virtually inescapable, tends to cultivate the image of a relatively mean and dangerous world” Levels of TV Viewing Beliefs about the world The Cultivation Hypothesis The question: How do media representations shape our beliefs of the world (our culture)? The “Cultural Indicators” research : - Developing a set of indices systematically documenting the cultural representations in our time - 3 Components: 1) Institutional process analysis Examines the production, management, and distribution of media msgs 2) Message system analysis Investigates images in media content 3) Cultivation analysis The Cultivation Indicators Project Initiated in 1967 by George Gerbner Investigates the “cultivation” effect of TV Cultivation hypothesis: - Heavy viewers of television develop views of the world similar to what they see on TV The Cultivation Hypothesis (cont’d) Assumptions : - TV as the “chief storyteller”: dominant themes Ppl get relatively uniform messages from TV - Cultural production: controlled by profit-seeking media conglomerates - TV viewing: passive and ritualistic Viewing of television is non-selective - Growing up in a common symbolic environment The Television World : A symbolic environment; We all share this world; Socialization
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Cultivation - Cultivation Mean World Syndrome 1994 Scholars...

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