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Exam2 Notes - CMN 170 Exam 1 Study Notes Corbett The...

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CMN 170 Exam 1 Study Notes Corbett The cellphone may be becoming what… in the current environment? - In an increasingly transitory world, the cellphone is becoming the one fixed piece of our identity What is human-centered design? - The sort of on-the-ground intelligence-gathering is central to human-centered design - A business-world niche that has become especially important to ultracompetitive high tech companies trying to figure out how to write software, design laptops or build cellphones that people find useful and unintimidating and will thus spend money on - Companies employed trained anthropologies to study potential customers… How many mobile phone subscriptions are there worldwide, at the time of the article’s writing? - Today, there are more than 3.3 billion mobile-phone subscriptions worldwide, which means that there are at least 3 billion people who don’t own cellphones Be familiar with the numbers at the bottom of p.3 of the article - It took about 20 years for the first billion mobile phones to sell worldwide, the 2 nd billion sold in 4 years, the 3 rd billion sold in 2 years - 80% of the world’s population now lives within range of a cellular network… which is double the level in 2000 - By the end of 2006, 68% of the world’s mobile subscriptions were in developing countries - Reasons: countries abandon govn’t-run telecom systems, offering cellular network licenses to highest-bidding private investors… How are cellphones different in their effect on less industrialized countries from the industrialized world? - can be a life-saver to someone with fewer ways to access information – “ just in time” - having a cellphone is like having a fixed-identity point inside of populations that are constantly on the move – displaced by war, floods, drought or faltering economies… cellphones can be immensely valuable both as a means of keeping in touch w/ home communities and as a business tool. - People’s income gets a big boost when they have access to a cellphone Note the media use of texts in the article - Text messaging, or SMS cost-effective way to connect with otherwise unreachable people privately and across great distances Note the example on p.5 about how cellphones facilitate commerce. - Sente: Ugandans are using prepaid airtime as a way of transferring money from place to place through village phone operator - Using their phones to store cash credits; with their phones, they can make purchases and payments or withdraw cash as needed - Mobile-banking
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[Fallows 1] How does F see G’s thesis? - We don’t spend enough time thinking about how awash we are in artificial stimuli of all sorts - How much stuff there is - The consequences of this media richness, and whether it should be viewed as torrent or feast How has the world changed? -
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Exam2 Notes - CMN 170 Exam 1 Study Notes Corbett The...

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