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Exam Notes - Communication Campaign Effectiveness...

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Unformatted text preview: Communication Campaign Effectiveness Conceptual Model of Campaign Impact Challenge to determine whether or not campaigns are effective: 1. There is no universally accepted standard; nor consensus within the scientific community, regarding what constitutes an effective campaign 2. Many campaign evaluators have tended to use the terms campaign effects and campaign effectiveness interchangeably What Constitutes an Effective Campaign? Definitional Effectiveness Acceptable as Problematic Ideological Effectiveness Political Effectiveness Contextual Effectiveness Cost-Effectiveness Programmatic Effectiveness 1. Definitional Effectiveness Success that groups have in defining a social phenomenon as a social problem Acceptable as Problematic When a certain condition has been accepted as socially problematic, it reflects the ability of some claims-making organizations to get an issue onto various agendas (e.g. media and public) and achieve consensus that one issue is more worthy of political and financial capital than a competitor Health communications emphasizing the uniqueness and potential threat of their disease vis--vis other diseases that are clamoring for...
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Exam Notes - Communication Campaign Effectiveness...

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