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Homework _1 Thinking Critically

Homework _1 Thinking Critically - PSY 102 Psychology in the...

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PSY 102: Psychology in the Modern World Your Name: Bhargav Patel Instructor: Bob Melara Your Section: C4 Fall 2010 Your TA’s Name: John Moses Homework #1 (Thinking critically) 1. What contribution did the research of psychologist Kenneth Clark (p. 43) from City College make to the American culture? His work illustrates the point that psychology is not simply common sense. When in fact the mental processes of human decision making is as just as complicated as space exploration. 2. a) Explain the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable. Consider an experiment in which attention is measured on a rating scale before and after participants receive either a new drug for increasing attention or a placebo. b) What is the independent variable in this study? c) What is the dependent variable? The dependent variable is attention because it affected or changes due to another variable. The independent variable is a variable that can be manipulated by the experimenter to
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