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Homework _5 Sensation

Homework _5 Sensation - PSY 102 Psychology in the Modern...

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PSY 102: Psychology in the Modern World Your Name: Bhargav Patel Instructor: Bob Melara Your Section: C4 FALL 2010 Your TA’s Name: Greta Petro Homework #5 (Sensation) 1. A) Distinguish between absolute and difference threshold, and b) discuss whether we can sense stimuli below our absolute threshold and be influenced by them. Absolute Threshold is the lowest level of input to be detected by the various sensory receptors in the human body. Difference Threshold is the minimum change in sensation necessary for a person to detect it. 2. a) Contrast sensation and perception, and b) explain the differences between bottom up and top down processing. Sensation converts stimulus into neural signals, while perception selects, organizes, and interprets our sensations. Top down processing is information that is guided by higher level mental processes as we construct perceptions, drawing on our experiences and expectations. Bottom up processing is any form of information processing that is guided by input, and proceeds in subsequent stages.
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