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Midterm 2_A - Chemistry 6A MIDTERM EXAM 2 Weds Feb 17th...

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Chemistry 6A Page 1 of 6 MIDTERM EXAM 2 VERSION “A” Weds Feb 17 th , 2010 The exam is worth 150 points. There are 19 questions (plus 2 bonus). o Section 1 has 14 questions which are conceptual multiple choice (section 1 is worth 100 points total). o Section 2 has 5 questions which are calculation-based and also multiple choice (section 2 is worth 50 points total). o (There is also a bonus section worth 10 points; so you could get 160 out of 150!!!) You have from 3:00pm until 3:45pm to complete the exam (i.e. you have 45 minutes of class time). You must fill in your for UCSD ID numbers on the scantron. For your UCSD ID numbers YOU MUST USE THE NUMBER 1 IN PLACE OF THE "A" OR "U" . You WILL fail if you don’t do this!!! There are three different color versions of the exam : each has version has a Letter code a the top of the exam (e.g. "Version A" or "Version B” or “Version C”). You must ‘bubble-in’ the version you have (“A” or “B” or ”C”) into the “Test Form” Field on the top of the scantron. Fill in your exam version NOW! (You will fail if you don’t) Fill in only one bubble per question (the scantron will grade the questions are incorrect if there are two filled bubbles) Don’t forget to fill in your exam version & student ID # (You will fail if you don’t)
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Chemistry 6A Page 2 of 6 MIDTERM EXAM 2 VERSION “A” Weds Feb 17 th , 2010 Section 1 (12 questions x 8 pts each + 2 questions x 2 pts each = 100 points total): 1. What is (i) the electron arrangement shape and (ii) the molecular shape of NF 3 ? a. tetrahedral; trigonal pyramidal b. trigonal bipyramidal; tetrahedral c. tetrahedral; trigonal planar d. tetrahedral; tetrahedral e. octahedral; seesaw
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