Week 1 Assignment - Healthy Eating Plan

Week 1 Assignment - Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating...

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Healthy Eating Plan 1 Healthy Eating Plan SCI - 241 April 3, 2010 Instructor: Deborah Sloan Axia College University of Phoenix
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Healthy Eating Plan 2 Healthy Eating Plan My current eating habits are not near what the USDA recommends. I do not drink milk, but I do take a supplement to compensate for the lack of Vitamin D and calcium in my diet. I also tend to not eat enough from the meat and beans part of the food pyramid, my vegetable consumption is low, and I have a tendency to eat no fruit. The grains I eat compared to what is recommended is also lower I should be eating 10 ounces and I tend to only eat about half that amount. My hurried lifestyle is the reason my diet suffers, but just because I am a busy person does not mean that I should eat an unhealthy diet. I can plan a menu ahead of time and take more care in selecting what I eat at restaurants to ensure a healthier diet. According to MyPyramid Steps to a Healthier You, I should consume six ounces of grain, two and a half cups of vegetable, one and a half cups of fruit, three cups of milk, and five ounces of meat and beans daily. This website also recommends a five teaspoon allowance for oils and a 195 calorie a day limit on fats and sugars as well as 30 minutes of physical activity a day. The first step to a healthier diet is to stop making unhealthy food choices when I eat out, instead of ordering a burger and fries I should order fish and vegetables or a dinner salad. I need to pay more attention to what foods come with meals and how they are prepared. I should choose to eat more broiled and baked foods versus the greasy, fried foods that are so easily attainable in restaurants. At home I should be planning menus that list healthy foods such as whole grain breads, lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. I then can shop according to the menu I established for the week or month. Doing this will ensure that the food in my house is healthy food. I can also plan snack foods in the same manner making sure that when grocery shopping I purchase extra vegetables and fruits to have on hand for snacks instead of stocking up on cookies, cake, and
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Week 1 Assignment - Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating...

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