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Unformatted text preview: Carbohydrate Presentation Melissa Krol Click to edit Master subtitle style SCI 241 April 16, 2010 Instructor: Deborah Sloan Axia College University of Phoenix 11/10/10 What are Carbohydrates? {2B513976-5A2E-47BB-A707-DC3F7FE5F5B5} {D63152F8-D9F8-455C-9714-583A3EF2FB13} {99A4EAA9-1EF6-48DD-AC3A-74A9B638C38A} {1C132155-0DF0-403D-A00B-933D2493EEAB} Organic CompoundsHydrogen consisting of: Carbonoxygen 11/10/10 hydrates include: Starches Gums Celluloses Sugars 11/10/10 {78B414EA-9E10-408E-95F7-AD0D57369F98} or source of energy 11/10/10 {3D8EC7DA-BED7-4F8B-9C50-19216B13A2D2} Simple & complex carbohydrates 11/10/10 Common Monosaccharides {D9DC5970-3F2A-4A77-BDF2-59F3DDA41C4A} {9D6ACA57-654A-430E-87EA-C352F0F39B10} {052BE012-FE24-475B-B166-534DC8E1FFB5} Glucose Galactose Fructose 11/10/10 Common Disaccharides {EC2A4C46-52A1-41AE-8424-057223438D72} {80EB0C1B-10A5-4B38-BB93-A340D568B63B} {8E8A06C6-29DF-4262-BC45-49E6EB595180} Lactose Sucrose Maltose 11/10/10 Common complex carbohydrate {7EA5C64B-CA04-4BFB-8B0E-F718B75D49B2} {88BC7B44-A3DE-4549-A940-107515EE3377} chains Polysaccharides Oligosaccharides 11/10/10 How sugars are digested and used in the {9AAF4DD3-662B-47F6-9FFD-68475F80E09D} {8785FC6E-FDC1-43A4-BE28-F2532636C2C8} Galactose Fructose Glucose body {56BE4835-7DB0-4741-8633-568F804F0859} {1554A46F-DB12-471A-903D-3F82BA72A774} {DAD50E88-EF0B-4BCF-987B-492B28571A45} MouthSmall intestine Maltose {34C404D9-0724-417F-AD30-9F1D93296C9D} Sucrose Lactose Glucose 11/10/10 to cells in blood {1A4F7C02-9D9C-4879-908D-FF2605F45CE4} {2942631B-C28C-4026-B8FF-EA1F04D9EC50} {EA830EC4-5DA9-441D-9121-27C6513D363B} e, Fructose, and Galactose Glucose Fructose and galactose {AE7E9FC6-C4C3-4A87-8606-08342BD2A441} {D799FC18-FF4F-4133-A42A-5F56DBE42B89} {2EA939B2-64D7-4AE2-AF00-6ECF0BE4D378} {627F0ABF-F996-4492-ACAC-9B60C305477D} Transported liver Stored in body Converted to glucose Energy 11/10/10 (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2006) Benefits of Carbohydrates {3CA475C7-28FD-40DD-AC76-3C8064373FE4} {017CAEDB-EDCA-45FF-B0B0-38491E5AB4E1} {E437B201-CB08-44CD-9E19-DFF603D33F55} {F020B8C5-152A-424D-83BE-9E54F9914354} Prevents ketosis Lower cholesterol Provides energy Improve GI function 11/10/10 (Grosvenor & Smolin, 2006) Healthy Foods 11/10/10 {3F53695E-88C8-45C4-ADCA-E3C3DA3800D7} Lactose Intolerance {9A497292-3E10-433A-BC82-9EDD4A0E0E16} {ABFDE816-AB62-4D12-872A-D655B8A46FCB} {4277D9D1-B93C-4810-985D-154AD3208706} n causes gas, cramping, &is diet change when dairy products ar No cure treatment diarrhealactase levels Low Occurs 11/10/10 11/10/10 References Grosvenor, M. B., & 11/10/10 ...
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