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Week 7 Checkpoint-Lifespan Nutrition Needs

Week 7 Checkpoint-Lifespan Nutrition Needs - Axia College...

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Unformatted text preview: Axia College University of Phoenix style L ifespan Nutrition Needs M elissa Krol SCI -241 IClick to edit Master subtitle nstructor: Deborah Sloan 11/10/10 During Pregnancy {788A6C59-D82D-49EB-908F-86F0C2FD5F82} {27676908-5962-4956-8EBD-FC7FDC2103D1} {8BCDB177-E543-4279-A1F6-E8B51769087E} {9516AD0A-5775-4D99-BB58-00FE19C157B4} ncreased Calorieincreases slightly 25gram Protein increase to additional Fluid need needs Vitamin and mineral ne 11/10/10 {B03ED8F8-0B2E-498C-84E6-E12488367D3E} {B71247B9-FD6F-4B53-96D8-0DE2FAAEEFB9} {37A28281-18A8-41B9-990A-D4E16A25855C} I nfants {25D65D76-FFA4-4F74-90D8-3FFB2E0285AD} {02650C5D-35D4-4F97-A563-085DCD33649F} {B2AAC9C9-27B2-4055-B193-AE2FA641E3E9} n alories per pound Same from than and femalecarbohydra c at birth 6% blood of weightof calories from for of calories for male calories from fat durin clotting protein 40% of adults 54% 11/10/10 T eenagers {B411E3F4-E7AC-4B4D-B52F-E18F9A5A9FB4} {25C226EE-E23C-4019-940A-DA02C214D296} {2FFF50AC-5A51-4E11-9E10-97189CEC27AE} {983C2D82-2CFC-4A6F-A6B1-6B17E1C99D19} {9C1CCD66-08F5-481D-87B0-C4319AD331D5} {3028FA88-C2B6-4D12-A9E9-FC7BB75C6878} {9F51BAEF-8A4C-4552-9AC2-296D7BBFCEC5} {10B35C2E-BBF2-4DC3-A126-B38F86F3F8A4} {3C3E76B7-947C-4C50-80AE-5C79C4110F6F} {F7605A55-F677-4858-A43A-67CBA30BBCC9} {9E2EB59E-62D8-4DD8-B0B3-1DA4D77CC888} {D18A24BD-B071-4608-8DAC-5CF94C922C17} {38639899-D5CC-4FEF-9513-0A772F3B6079} {515BE80B-1E6C-41E4-A0C2-17279D117365} 65 Calorie 23 Fiber takeper Fiber Vitamin C day (IU) 3000VitaminVitamin 2333 46 fat 55-78 grams per day ( ms 2200 -52 31-34 gramsIron daygrams 15dayA (IU) day pergrams per day per day Protein 2400 Vitamin Amg 11 day per day per C Total day day grams day (saturated fat 24-27) Iron grams per 75 per per per grams Protein mg per intake 2000 11/10/10 (How do the Daily Values found on food labels compare to the nutritional recommendations for children?, 2004) {93103D59-0A44-4CD1-A43D-038652B4F 837} {39CBE78A-044F-4BFB-A6E0-3A66B9ECBF 69} {D59BDCC6-DEDE-4870-A26D-BCE0DA93 C4CC} {CE285F25-2548-4A69-819C-DC7FBACEB 012} Me n {AAE43592-DF0B-463B-AC9F-8AE76E12CF B8} Adultsand Older Adults {7283E3EC-59C1-4290-A63C-79FD9AD5B 921} {B8C61492-53A6-4597-89FD-CECE4ECCC A19} {C5144084-A8A9-407C-B134-C79053312B 9E} {B13029E4-F6BB-47A7-A2DB-51527B94E A4E} {C7EEEBC7-343F-447C-8029-E29F9E1114 90} {65A491A5-733A-4B6F-8E05-2E25FC4611 C3} {05BABD50-0182-4BDA-8A9F-594A116FF A55} {0D1A11C7-9AFA-4A78-AD66-4E AEF21FFEDB} {CC56F5FE-563A-4B86-8C12-C7B EC179A337} {79D23505-C900-4070-A815-348 C5B048732} {880D40B3-09B6-4626-A70A-C8 6891E28103} {A4F958B4-BBE0-409D-A6D8-B6 FF7022AC78} {0B81D39E-70DA-4DDD-8473-BF CB014B13D1} {DDA981A4-B218-4425-9F7E-BA 1F07940738} {12AAE459-0EAF-4644-A8EA-9C A9FF6ABD0D} Wome n {A4399D82-0B71-42EA-AD58-EB C51241D65F} {03D0F465-1557-4D87-A307-05B 2E52F36C0} {A2028EB5-1745-463A-A232-F71 404E3D071} {359B2697-8244-40F9-93EC-C4F 1423AC48A} 6 alories1.3 mg mcgday day (30mgK 120 mcg for 2day calories mcgper90 mcg 1.6 –mg per d oflavin 1.7 35mg per dayVitaminday per day2.3 mgVitamin25 mg peradults) Niacin per mg chromium mg per day Niacin 16day Magnesiumolder adults)8 day K day mg per day14mg 1.3 – Magnesium per mg permcg per dayperchromiumVitamin per1.53 mgper day da Fluoride 4 8 per 400-420 per mg day – RiboflavinZincB-6Fluoride dayper day Iron mg 11 550 Zinc Choline Manganese 2.2 (500 Choline 425 mg mgday (20 (8 1.8 per 310-320 per per dayper per 1.1 for 18 – mg 1.3 Manganese mcg 200 dayIron older day 11/10/10 Conclusion 11/10/10 References Grosvenor, M. B., & Smolin, L. A. (2006). Nutrition: Everyday choices. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. How do the Daily Values found on food labels compare to the nutritional recommendations for children? (2004, April 14). Retrieved May 12, 2010, from http://www.bcm.edu: http://www.bcm.edu/cnrc/consumer/archives/percentDV.htm Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). (2006-2010). Retrieved May 12, 2010, from http://www.puristat.com/standardamericandiet/rda.aspx: h11/10/10 ttp://www.puristat.com/standardamericandiet/rda.aspx ...
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