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Week 3 Checkpoint – Challenges in Immigration

Week 3 Checkpoint – Challenges in...

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Melissa Krol Week 3 Checkpoint – Challenges in Immigration 1 Week 3 Checkpoint – Challenges in Immigration My grandparents all came from Poland the United States was not their place of origin. They became citizens of this country and worked hard to have a better life and give their descendents a chance at a better life. Knowing this about my grandparents makes me believe that the United States should not favor what country a person comes from or what that person has to offer the United States. I do not think that how oppressed, needy, wealthy, or talented a person is should be a facture in who is allowed into this country. I do think that anyone immigrating to the United States should come here legally and go through the naturalization process. Having been born a United States citizen and seeing and hearing news reports of immigrants coming here on holiday and never leaving (being here illegally) makes me angry. There was one such story of a
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