Week 7 Checkpoint 1 - Argument validity

Week 7 Checkpoint 1 - Argument validity - E xercise 7-9...

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Exercise 7-9 Given the premises, discuss whether the conclusion of each argument that follows is (a) true beyond a reasonable doubt, (b) probably true, or (c) possibly true or possibly false. You should expect disagreement on these items, but the closer your answers are to your instructor’s, the better. 1. The sign on the parking meter says “Out of Order,” so the meter isn’t working. In my opinion this would probably be true because in my experience the meter people (meter-maids) put signs on the parking meters that are not working here in the city I live in, but then again people who try to get away with putting money in the meters put signs on the meters here also, this does not happen very often though . 2. The annual rainfall in California’s north valley averages twenty-three inches. So the rainfall next year will be twenty- three inches. Possibly true or possible false, the rainfall can be below or above average for the next year. Averages are hard to predict just as the weather at any given time is hard to predict. 3. You expect to get forty miles to the gallon in that? Why, that old wreck has a monster V8; besides, it’s fifty years old and needs an overhaul. Probably true, I do not think that any new cars today can get 40 miles to the gallon. The only way this would be false is if the new owner was a genius and had invented modifications for older vehicles to give them better gas mileage. 4. In three of the last four presidential races, the winner of the Iowa Republican primary has not captured the Republican nomination. Therefore, the winner of the next Iowa Republican primary will not capture the Republican nomination. Possibly true or possibly false, this statement could go the
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Week 7 Checkpoint 1 - Argument validity - E xercise 7-9...

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