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The CEO Report [Enter your name here] [Enter the name of your college here] [Enter the name of the course] [Enter the name of the instructor here] [Enter the date here] The CEO's report on the environmental issue regarding Sonox From the past month, we have been scrutinizing the issue that environmental damage, especially in terms of the physical health of the community of riverside, the main place where our plant operates, has been taking place. During our investigation on the preliminary stage, it came into light that this health issue was primarily linked with the discharge of a chemical called Sonox, which is used in the manufacture of our bleached paper. Since this issue has caused ripples in the community and could lead to negative outcomes for the mill, I decided to investigate fully into the issue and come up with a conclusion that I thought was in the best interest of all. The proceedings are mentioned in the body of this report hereunder. The report structure This report is structured as follows: The stakeholders involved The relative importance of stakeholders The mode of the gathering of data The decision itself The factors behind the decision The justification of the decision The stakeholders involved According to the modern stakeholder theory, everyone is entitled to be a stakeholder in a said company, but upholding that theory was simply beyond the scope of this investigation. Therefore, the following stakeholders were taken to be actively involved in the investigation: The city of riverside and its citizens The employees of Kardell The investors of Kardell The Kardell legal council The relative importance of stakeholders The most important group of stakeholders was taken to be the investors since they have their money, health
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The CEO Report - The CEO Report [Enter your name here]...

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