Week 1 Checkpoint-Choosing Accounting Software

Week 1 Checkpoint-Choosing Accounting Software - as 500...

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Accounting software is designed to meet the accounting needs of businesses. There are six types of software packages entry level software, small to medium business software, small to medium enterprise software, enterprise resource planning software, Middle Market Software, and Not-for –profit Software. Entry level software is for smaller businesses with revenues of less than five million dollars and up to 20 employees. Examples of entry level software are Simply Accounting PRO, One-Write Plus, QuickBooks Premier, and Microsoft Money Small Business. Small to medium business software is for companies with revenue of up to 100 million dollars and no more than 100 employees. Some examples of this kind of software are MAS 90, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Open Systems Accounting Software, and Business Vision 32 Standard Edition. Small to medium enterprise software is for companies with revenue up to 500 million dollars and as many
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Unformatted text preview: as 500 employees. Examples of this software are MAS 500, SouthWare Excellence Series, e-Synergy, and Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta. Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed for large businesses with revenue greater than 500 million dollars and more than 500 employees. Examples of this software are J.D. Edwards ERP, Oracle Financials, Lawson Financial Suite, and System 21. Small to medium business software and small to medium enterprise software make up a fifth type of software called middle market software. Some examples of Middle market software are AccTrak21, Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains, NetSuite, and AccountMate. Not-for-profit software is designed for Not-for-Profit Organizations. Some examples of this type of software are Cougar Mountain Fund, Peachtree Nonprofit Industry Kit, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Nonprofit Edition, and Intuit FundWare....
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