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Week 6 DQ 2 - amounts and net income and adjustments like...

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I have difficulty in understanding the use of the statement of retained earnings and the statement of changes in financial position and I think this is because I have not had the opportunity to work with any of these statements. I understand the information listed within the statements and where that information comes from but am having a hard time placing them a decision making and analysis situation. For instance the statement of retained earnings only shows the beginning and ending retained earnings
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Unformatted text preview: amounts and net income and adjustments like paid dividends. I do not fully understand why this information would need to be in a report of its own as they are on the balance sheet and income statement. On the other hand though I can understand wanting a report that shows changes in capital, liabilities, and assets as the balance sheet only shows the balance at the time period the report is created and actually seeing the changes can help in making major decisions....
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