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Memo - MEMORANDUM To From Date Subject All Employees...

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MEMORANDUM To: All Employees From: Samriti Aggarwal Date: November 1, 2010 Subject: Introducing New Employee Robert Doerning Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Robert who will be joining our team next week on Monday, November 8. He will be working as a Research Analyst reporting to me. Robert joins us as we explore additional strategies relating to our business, analyzing industry trends and competitive dynamics to generate meaningful thesis around healthcare related companies. We are very fortunate to have Roberts experience as an R&D engineer as we expand our scope for growth. Robert has demonstrated strong quantitative skills in generating statistical reports during his Co-op at Ethicon Endo-Surgery Inc. His strengths include leadership skills being the president of many groups, being a good listener, and helping people organize their thoughts. He also brings bilingual skills to our delightful company.
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