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// Assignment #: 6 // Name: // StudentID: // Lecture: // Description: The Assignment 6 class creates a Tabbed Pane with // two tabs, one for Account creation and one for // Account transfer. and adds it as its Applet content // and also sets its size. import javax.swing.*; import java.util.*; public class Assignment6 extends JApplet { private int APPLET_WIDTH = 500, APPLET_HEIGHT = 200; private JTabbedPane tPane; private CreatePanel createPanel; private TransferPanel transferPanel; private Vector accountList; //The method init initializes the Applet with a Pane with two tabs
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Unformatted text preview: public void init() { //list of accounts to be used in every panel accountList = new Vector(); //register panel uses the list of accounts transferPanel = new TransferPanel(accountList); createPanel = new CreatePanel(accountList, transferPanel); //create a tabbed pane with two tabs tPane = new JTabbedPane(); tPane.addTab("Account creation", createPanel); tPane.addTab("Account transfer", transferPanel); getContentPane().add(tPane); setSize (APPLET_WIDTH, APPLET_HEIGHT); //set Applet size } }...
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