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// Assignment #: 8 // This file is given by the instructor. // Description: The BankParser class contains a static // method parseStringToBank that takes a string // containing a bank's information and // create a bank object from it. public class BankParser { public static Bank parseStringToBank(String lineToParse) { String bankName = new String("?"); String id = new String("0"); String city = new String("?"); String state = new String("?"); String[] tokens = lineToParse.split("/"); //create a Bank object using extracted information. Bank bank = new Bank(); //get the bankName if (tokens[0].length() > 0)
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Unformatted text preview: { bankName = tokens[0].trim(); bank.setBankName(bankName); } //get the id if (tokens[1].length() > 0) { id = tokens[1].trim(); bank.setBankID(Integer.parseInt(id)); } //get the address if (tokens[2].length() > 0) { String address = tokens[2].trim(); String tokens2 = address.split(","); //get the cpu type and speed if (tokens2[0].length() > 0) city = tokens2[0].trim(); if (tokens2[1].length() > 0) state = tokens2[1].trim(); bank.setBankAddress(city, state); } return bank; } //end of parseStringToBank } //end of BankParser class...
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