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The Comparable interface The Comparable interface is defined in the java.lang package and it contains only one method, compareTo , which takes an object as a parameter and returns an integer. Any class that implements the Comparable interface needs to define compareTo method and their instantiated objects become something that can be compared. // Represents a Person. public class Person implements Comparable { private String firstName, lastName, phone; // Sets up this Person with the specified information.
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Unformatted text preview: public Person (String first, String last, String telephone) { firstName = first; lastName = last; phone = telephone; } // Uses both last and first names to determine lexical ordering. public int compareTo (Object other) { int result; if (lastName.equals(((Person)other).lastName)) result = firstName.compareTo(((Person)other).firstName); else result = lastName.compareTo(((Person)other).lastName); return result; } }...
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