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The String class In Java, a string is an object of the String class defined in java.lang package. A string can be instantiated as follows: String string1 = new String("this is a string"); Or String string1 = "this is a string"; The complete list of methods can be found in Java API specification. To know the length of a given string, we can use the method length: string1.length(); To obtain the character at the specified index of a given string: string1.charAt(index); where index is an integer. To see if this string contains the same characters as another string, string2, equals method is used: if (string1.equals(string2))
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Unformatted text preview: ..... This returns true if they contain the same characters and false otherwise. To compare this string with another string, string2, compareTo method can be used: if (string1.compareTo(string2) < 0) .... This method returns a negative integer if string1 is lexically before, it returns zero if they are equal, and it returns a positive number if string1 is lexically after string2. To extract a substring of this string starting from index offset and extending through endIndex-1: string1.substring(offset, endIndex); To remove leading and trailing white space in a string, we can use trim() method: string1 = string1.trim();...
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