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IDs: There will be 10 IDs on the test, choose 7. Answer with about 3 brief sentences explaining the pertinence of the person, event, or thing. (Should take like 5 minutes per ID.) Gospel of Success (GOS) (1870-1900) - work was good; men that worked hard could improve economically and socially - in 30 years, U.S. went from 4th to 1st in Growth and Size - workforce was mainly rural and immigrants - people that preached GOS: Pres. James Garfield, Booker T. Washington - Andrew Carnegie: started as a worker in a textile mill, built U.S. Steel empire - Thomas Edison: started as telephone operator, became prominent businessman and inventor James Garfield - Grew up poor; became Republican congressman - Became President in late 1800's - preached GOS, believed that those that fail deserve to fail Mark Twain - author of "The Gilded Age," which attacked American business and politics - a figure of the "get rich quick" era; invested in many ideas with the hopes of making millions, went into debt Henry Grady - newspaper editor - promoted a "new industrial South" during post-Reconstruction - helped the South industrialize like the North and develop new industries Henry Clay Frick - took over U.S. Steel when Carnegie left overseas - anti-labor man - supporter of Gospel of Wealth - Homestead Lockout: Frick cuts wages by 30%; union workers strike; Frick hires private militia to break up the strike; National Guard has to come restore order Gospel of Wealth (1889) - belief that those that were rich deserved to be rich, those that were poor deserved to be poor - wealth comes to those that work for it, represents the value and competency of a man
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HIST_72_study_guide - IDs: There will be 10 IDs on the...

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