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HISTORY 72-10: 1INTRODUCTION TO U.S. HISTORY FALL 2010 Funger 103, T, R 2:20-3:35 Professor Leo Ribuffo Phillips 318,;Ofc hrs: T 3:45-6:00, R 3:45-4:30, and by appointment Email: [email protected] ; Tel.: 4-6469 Graduate teaching assistants: Jon Keljik ( [email protected] ) and Charles Richter ([email protected]) READINGS : James Roark, et al., The American Promise : A Compact History (Vol. II, 4 th ed) Glenn Porter, The Rise of Big Business 1860-1920 (3d edition) C. Vann Woodward, The Strange Career of Jim Crow (2002 commemorative edition) Robert Cherny, A Righteous Cause Rosalind Rosenberg, Divided Lives (2d edition) Richard Polenberg, The Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt (2d edition) Melvyn Leffler, The Specter of Communism Bruce Schulman, Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism (2d edition) William Berman, America's Right Turn (2d edition) ON ELECTRONIC RESERVE VIA BLACKBOARD UNDER FILES : Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives , Chapter 6 Populist Party Platform of 1892 Lincoln Steffens, "New York," in The Shame of the Cities Joseph R. McCarthy, Speech at Wheeling, West Virginia, 1950 John F. Kennedy, "The Religious Issue in American Politics" Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail Bill Clinton, Letter to Col. Eugene Holmes George W. Bush, West Point address 2002 COURSE OUTLINE : AUGUST 31 Gospel of Success Roark, 434-483; Porter SEPTEMBER 2 Age of Cynicism 7 Immigration, Nativism and Riis Urban Politics 9 Beliefs, Hopes, Fears Roark, 410-431 (skim) 14 Perplexities of Populism Roark, 486-501; Cherny, Pref-Ch 4; Populist platform; Woodward, Afterward, Intro.-Ch. 3 (read in this order) 1
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16 White Over Black Roark, 385-401 (skim) 21 Perplexities of Progressivism Roark, 512-537; Cherny, Ch. 5-6; Steffens; Rosenberg, Pref-Ch 3 23 "Roots of the Modern American Roark, 501-509 Empire" 28 World Power: Panama to Roark, 540-565; Cherny, Ch. 7 Arlington Cemetery
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