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Theseus: When King Minos is bored, he attacked Athens. Deal was made. Athens would send boys/girls every 9 yrs. as sacrifice to minotaur. Prince Theseus went, and Princess Ariadne (Minos’ daughter) wrote him a note and tells him to defeat minotaur. Gives him sword and string to go through Labyrinth. Theseus killed it, and took Ariadne away from Minos and stranded her on some island. Also killed centaur that was kidnapping Hippodamus (girl at wedding). Orpheus/Eurydice: Talented musician, son of Apollo and Calliope. When his wife Eurydice died, he went to Hades to ask her back. One condition: he shouldn’t look back. He looks back, he loses her. King Sisyphus of Corinth/River Styx: They had water problem, and King Corinth saw Zeus carrying river spirit in his arms. River god Asyphus asked him where his daughter was. After getting water from him, King told him that Zeus did. Zeus asked Hades to take King. b4 dying, he tells his wife not to put gold coin in mouth. At river, Hades doesn’t have the payment, so he sends him back. Persephone: Zeus’ third sister Demeter (harvest) had daughter. Hades loved her, so he kidnapped her. Locked in
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