3 - -Hades deposited P next to her mother’s...

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Friday 9/3 Demeter - the goddess of agriculture and motherhood - her daughter’s name was Persephone, there was never mention of a father - Hades falls in love with Persephone - P was gathering flowers, the earth opened and Hades grabs her - When D found her child was gone, the sun told D that Hades kidnapped P - When D heard this, she disguised herself as a human and applied for a job as a newborn’s nurse - She held the newborn in the fire to make him immortal - The mother saw this and screamed - D was angry because she realized that the child was not hers - The family built a temple for her and she began to grieve - Her grieving caused the earth to become barren and people began to die off - Zeus sent a message to Hades and demanded that he let P go - Hades agreed and offered P a pomegranate, she took one bite and handed it back
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Unformatted text preview: -Hades deposited P next to her mother’s temple-Because P took a bite of the pomegranate she has to go back to Hades for part of the year-Eating food in a man’s home means engagement Orpheus – human musician-he played the lyre and was one of the best on earth-trees would uproot themselves to hear him play-The story begins at his wedding to Eurydice-Eurydice steps on a poisonous snake and dies-Orpheus went before the court of Hades and began to sing-Hades wept in sympathy, so he allowed her soul to follow Orpheus to the earth but Orpheus could not turn around and look-Orpheus began to doubt, and turned around. He saw her soul, but she was snatched back to the world of the dead because he looked back-Became a hater of women-A group of women killed him and tore him to pieces....
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3 - -Hades deposited P next to her mother’s...

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