1 - Friday The king of Argos was Acrisius who had no sons...

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Friday The king of Argos was Acrisius , who had no sons. But he did have a daughter named Danae . Still, there was no clear heir to the throne. Acrisius went to the oracle to ask if he’d ever have a son. The answer was: No, but your daughter will have a son. OK, that’ll work, Acrisius thought. But, the oracle continued, that son will kill you. Not OK, then. So Acrisius tries to beat fate by shutting Danae in an underground bronze chamber, with only female servants attending her. But Zeus visited her in the form of golden rain, and she became pregnant with Perseus . She was still in the chamber, so Acrisius did not know about the child, until one day he was walking near the chamber and heard the laughter of a child. He opened the chamber, and there was Danae with Perseus. She tried to explain about being visited by a god, but Acrisius instead believed that one of the servants had allowed a man in. So Acrisius had a dilemma – he wanted to get rid of the child, but he couldn’t kill it since it was a blood relative. So he put the Danae and Perseus in a chest with enough food and water for one day, took them to the seashore, and set them off sailing. This was not considered killing them – the Greeks figured the gods would provide for them if they wanted them to live. But the chest was seaworthy and washed ashore on an island. Danae and Perseus were taken in by a fisherman, who raised young Perseus. The king of the island was attracted to Danae, who rejected him repeatedly. So the king had a banquet and invited all the young men, each of whom having to give him a horse. Perseus said that a horse was too easy, why not something like a Gorgon head. So the king said, fine, Perseus, bring me the head of a Gorgon. The Gorgons were three sisters, each with wings, snakes for hair, and so ugly that you’d turn to stone if you saw their face. The only mortal Gorgon was Medusa . Both Hermes and Athena came to Perseus’ aid to help him behead Medusa. Hermes gave him a sword to use, and the both gave him advice on how to kill her. They told Perseus to visit women named the Graeae (“gray ones”), three very old women who were the sisters of the three Gorgon. The Graeae were old from the time they were born, and between them they had only one eye and one tooth,
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1 - Friday The king of Argos was Acrisius who had no sons...

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