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27 - Monday 9/27 Apollos Love Life Sibyl asked for gifts...

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Monday 9/27 Apollo’s Love Life: Sibyl asked for gifts before sleeping with Apollo. She asked for prophecy, and to live for every grain of sand she could hold in her hand. She then backed out of intimacy with Apollo. She forgot to ask for eternal youth. She couldn’t experience any physical joy. Cassandra – Apollo tried to bribe her as well. He gave her the gift of prophecy. He spit into her mouth, which caused no one to believe her prophecy. Marpessa – He finds out that she is also seeing another man who is a human being. He asks her to make a choice. She calls both of them in and tells Apollo that she’s going to choose the human. She is going to grow old and die, and Apollo never will. She wanted companionship. Daphne – Little cupid was walking around Olympus, and Apollo teased him. Cupid wanted revenge. One of cupid’s arrows are made out of gold. If you get shot with the gold you’ll fall in love with the next person you see. Lead arrows- hate the next person you see. Cupid saw Apollo and Daphne walking towards each other and as Apollo was
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