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Monday 10/4 Contest to see who was going to be the patron of Athens. Athena won. Poseidon went first, he took his trident and struck the side of the hill, and out of that came a saltwater spring. The salt water was considered worthless. Athena creates the first olive tree, but her real gift was the technology of how to use the olives. They pressed the olive berries to gather olive oil which was used for all spread. The second pressing they used the oils for medicines and ointments. They pressed them a third time and used the oil to burn household lamps. This allowed humans to be productive after dark. Poseidon was upset and threatened to flood the city, so the residents promised to worship him as well. The temple of Athena in Athens is called the Parthenon. Its known as “the temple of the virgins”. Arachne – A human girl who was exceptionally skilled in weaving. It was
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Unformatted text preview: assumed that women could make clothes and the cloth used to make them. Arachne refused to give the goddess any credit for her skill, so she took full credit for a talent that had been given to her by a goddess. Athena disguised herself and warned Arachne to give credit to the goddess for her gift. She told the woman that she wouldn’t give the goddess any credit and said she could weave better than the goddess herself. They had a weaving competition. Athena wove a tapestry and in that picture was a photo of her contest with Poseidon. She began to be curious of what Arachne was weaving. Arachne was also making a tapestry, she depicted the gods and goddesses having sex with human lovers. Athena was furiously angry and smacked Arachne. Arachne was so ashamed that she hung herself. Athena brought her back to life and transformed her into a spider that has to weave all day....
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