25 - a The human body is binary(split in half b Ideas come...

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Wed 8/25/2010 Greek Mythology Introduction to Myth - Mythos : Greek word for “story” - The Greek people did not believe that the stories they told were false - 1200 B.C. the people began to write logical explanations for the world around them - The Prodigal Son – a parable from the book of Luke o Two sons o One wanted his inheritance early o He spent all his money and then begs his father to take him back o The other son was upset, but the father was so happy to have his son back o This story may not be literally true, but it illustrates the truth - Theories of Mythology : (4) 1. Mueller – studied ancient myths and concluded that they were all about nature and natural phenomena 2. Jung – famous Swiss psychologist. The same kinds of myths turn up in all cultures. a. Ex. The Great Flood b. The Collective Unconscious : a group of ideas that all humans are born with, but they are unaware of it.
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3. Levi – Strauss – French anthropologist. Did a lot of research on the human brain.
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Unformatted text preview: a. The human body is binary (split in half) b. Ideas come in pairs (opposites) c. The basic human experience is CONFLICT d. The myths present conflicts and then resolve them 4. Freud – doctor from Vienna a. Believed everything leads to sex b. Myths reveal our sexual fears and desires Example of a Myth: Zeus is the great father and king of all the gods. He makes love to as many females as he can find. In this myth, he makes love to a human girl named Semele even though he is married to his sister Hera . Hera does not like Zeus’ infidelity, so she disguises herself as an elderly woman and visits Semele. Semele tells the old woman that Zeus loves her more than his own wife, so Hera responds that if he truly loved her than he would appear to her as his true self. The next time Zeus visits Semele she begs to see his true form. After a lot of nagging, Zeus changes into his true form and a bolt of lightening destroys Semele....
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25 - a The human body is binary(split in half b Ideas come...

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