8 - -would slip into Hephaestus’ own bed through the back...

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Monday 9/6 Aphrodite (Venus) – born from the foam - goddess of sexual love - Greeks believed sex was a source of power - She was a relentless fornicator - Married to Hephaestus “craftsman” o Only physically imperfect god o Legs were crippled Ares (Mars) – god of war - the most hated of all the gods - perfect physical specimen
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Unformatted text preview: -would slip into Hephaestus’ own bed through the back door Hephaestus learned that Aphrodite was cheating on him from the sun. He used all his skill to create a net above the bed. He caught the two together and invited all the other gods to stand by the bed and watch. Sex can be humiliating....
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