29 - Wednesday 9/29 and Friday 10/1 Marsyas Another aspect...

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Wednesday 9/29 and Friday 10/1 Marsyas – Another aspect of Aphrodite’s power is she can make you miserable. Marsyas was a satyr who played the pan pipe. Marsyas challenged Apollo to a musical contest. The stakes were that the winner could do anything to the loser. Apollo played the lyre. Judges ruled that Apollo had played better. Tied a rope around Marsyas’ feet and hung from a tree and skinned him alive. Pan – The Greeks were deeply competitive. Pan is a god and it was all right for Pan to challenge Apollo. They weren’t playing for anything in particular. The judges thought Apollo was the winner, except for King Midas who voted for Pan. Apollo caused donkey ears to grow from King Midas’ head. Midas decided to hide it by wearing a turban; the only one who knew was his barber. The gossip was too much for his barber, so he spoke the secret into a whole. Reeds grew up in the spot that he whispered and when the wind whistled through them, the reeds whispered Midas has ass’ ears. Artemis – Apollo’s twin sister. Goddess of the forest/wild earth. Nature is ruthless, cruel and terrifying, and so is Artemis. Nature= annihilation. She is the goddess of hunting as well. Actaeon was a hunter went into the woods with a group, but got separated from the rest. He began wandering trying to find a familiar landmark. He blundered into the clearing where he saw Artemis naked. Artemis hates sex and male sexuality. She turned him into a deer, but he kept intact his human consciousness and awareness. The most terrible thing to happen to you is to lose your humanity. His own hunting dogs picked up his scent. The dogs attacked him and tore him into pieces. Hippolytus – the son of Theseus who was the king of Athens. When Theseus married his first wife and had Hippolytus, his mother died at a young age. He had a special devotion to Artemis. Hestia, Athena, and Artemis are the only three virgin goddesses. Hippolytus dedicated his own virginity to Artemis. He wasn’t content with his devotion, so he told everyone how repulsive self was. Aphrodite as the goddess of sex was not happy about his talking about her. Hippolytus’ stepmother Phaedra was just as young as him. Aphrodite caused Phaedra to fall in love with Hippolytus. Phaedra was horrified and
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29 - Wednesday 9/29 and Friday 10/1 Marsyas Another aspect...

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