27 - Jason continued: Play by Euripedes called Medea about...

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Jason continued: Play by Euripedes called “Medea” about her absolute hatred for her husband that leads her to kill her own children. She leaves in a dragon led chariot. Medea went to Athens , where she took up with King Aegeus . Jason, though, became a hopeless drunk, looking back on his life and how he never became king. Drinking on the seashore, he sat leaning against the remains of the Argo where it had grounded, and a board fell off and killed him. This illustrates that Greek heroes are ordinary human beings and can die an ordinary death. Theseus : Now in Athens, King Aegeus, at an earlier time (before Medea). The king had no sons to be his heir, which was dangerous, because people wanted to kill him for the job since it would be up for grabs. Aegeus was even threatened by his own brothers. So he went to the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi and asked if he’d ever have a son. The answer: “Don’t undo the wineskin’s mouth until you get home.” OK, he didn’t get it. So, traveling back to Athens, he stopped for the night at a neighboring kingdom, during which he tells the king about his prophecy. The neighbor king understood it, even though Aegeus did not, so the king gets Aegeus drunk and sends his own daughter in to sleep with him, knowing from the prophecy that she would get pregnant. The next morning, Aegeus figured it out and knew he’d been tricked. He told the girl, ‘if you have my daughter, don’t even bother telling me. But if it’s a boy, raise him without telling him who I am. Don’t tell him until he can lift a certain large stone that I choose and gets the items out from under it.’ King Aegeus then returned to Athens. The girl gave birth to Theseus . A problem arose – the Greeks only had one name, so they’d identify themselves by listing their lineage (I’m Joe, son of John, grandson of Josh), only throwing in the mother’s names for clarification. Theseus did not know who his father was, he was just….Theseus. So he was ridiculed for all his life as he grew up and developed a complex about his father. Eventually, he became old enough to life the giant rock, where he found a pair of sandals and a sword. His mother was then able to tell him that his father was Aegeus, king of Athens, who wanted him to come and claim his birth rite. But Theseus had this complex – usually fathers give their son “permission” to
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27 - Jason continued: Play by Euripedes called Medea about...

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