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O’Connor 1 The Miracle of Mindfulness:  Mindfulness vs. the Modern Mindset Mehgan O’Connor Asian Religions Sutherland 12 April 2010
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O’Connor 2 The Miracle of Mindfulness: Mindfulness vs. the Modern Mindset The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines being mindful as bearing in mind and inclined to be aware. This state of awareness is not one that many people practice, in fact I feel comfortable in claiming that it is a very rare occurrence, particularly in American society. Thich Nhat Hanh’s book The Miracle of Mindfulness is a guide to taking hold of one’s consciousness and living a more mindful life. He defines mindfulness as “keeping one’s consciousness alive to the present reality”. (Miracle of Mindfulness, 11) Due to American society, there are many roadblocks on one’s path to a more conscious state of being. These obstacles include perceived loss of time, patience and concentration. In the beginning of the book, Hanh’s friend Allen makes the statement, “But now I try not to divide time into parts anymore. I consider my time with Joey and Sue my own time…The
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Miracle of Mindfulness - OConnor 1...

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