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The New World - OConnor 1 Mehgan OConnor English 2823...

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O’Connor 1 Mehgan O’Connor English 2823 Professor Coats 17 February 2010 When one considers the discovery of the New World, perhaps the most well remembered story is that of Pocahontas and John Smith. There have been many perspectives from a variety of sources on what their relationship was like, but the problem is some sources contradict others. One important account of this story is through Smith’s own writings, another more modern version is Malick’s depiction in his 2005 movie “The New World”. In Smith’s descriptions of his settlement of Virginia, he glorifies himself and his ideals, much like every other explorer that wrote about their adventures and conquests. Smith’s portrayal of the trip would understandingly be biased considering he wrote it. Due to the fact that his readers would certainly be the monarchy, he had to be sure to show himself and his actions in the best light, including his relationship with Pocahontas. He rarely mentions her in his writings, and if he had any emotional or physical relationship with her, he did not document it. Malick’s representation of the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith is
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The New World - OConnor 1 Mehgan OConnor English 2823...

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