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FALL 2010 HUMAN ANATOMY, PTP 510/BIO 534/434 First day of class , Wednesday August 25 th from 10:30AM to 1:30PM in 107 MSB . On this day all lab sections will meet together for course orientation and the first lecture – bring printout of course packet part 1a – c . Instructor for lecture: Steve Myers, Ph.D. Office: 471 MSB. e-mail: [email protected] ; Phone: 762-3020 Office Hrs: Instructors for lab sections 01: Michelle Porter, D. P.T. (Monday labs) e-mail: [email protected] ; office hours by appointment Jon Morey,D.C. (Wednesday labs) e-mail: [email protected] ; office hours by appointment Earl Mayhew, P.T . (Mon & Wed labs)e-mail: [email protected] ; office hours by appointment Required Texts: 1) Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple; 3 rd edition; by Stephen Goldberg (ISBN: 978- 0-940780-57-6). 2) A Regional Anatomy Atlas such as Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy 12 th ISBN- 13: 978-0-7817-7055-2) . I recommend this atlas because it has more explanatory text than most atlases. 3) Any good anatomy or anatomy & physiology textbook (see recommended regional anatomy textbooks under optional texts below). Also Required: Course Packet on Blackboard. Recommended: Any medical dictionary (use it!) and/or frequent use of Google Optional Texts: If you wish a regional anatomy textbook that better correlates with our cadaver Dissections, I recommend that you purchase one of the regional anatomy textbooks listed below. You can purchase these books used for very reasonable prices via th edition – this is my favorite regional anatomy textbook with excellent orthopedic sections. Used copies cost about $25. th edition with CD ROM’s costs $72.95, but older editions run from about $10 to $50. th edition from 1994 costs about ~$29, but you can get a used 8 th edition for less than $7 ($2.78 + $3.99 shipping & handling). This is an excellent regional anatomy textbook that also is much shorter than the two above. A variety of anatomy atlases are available for use in the lab. Please handle these with care and clean hands! Do not take these atlases from lab without permission. After working with some of these atlases you may wish to purchase your own copy from or some other source. Required Equipment: Lab coat Disposable gloves Note: Gloves will be provided for the first two Dissections. Gloves can be purchased at Meijers or warehouse discount stores. New lab coats can be purchased at good prices on the web (e.g.
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BIO534syllabus-2010-v3 (1) - FALL 2010 HUMAN ANATOMY PTP...

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