homework5 - XHTML & Styling Create an...

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Unformatted text preview: XHTML & Styling Create an index.html file in your www directory. In this file you will link a separate style sheet called style.css , which will include most of the styling for your web page. Content should be appropriate for any viewing audience, even your grandmother. I nstructions 1. Include a title for your page <title>Alyssa's Page< /title> 2. 2 paragraphs (5 - 7 sentences): One that contains your name, year and major and why you chose your major; if you are not yet decided write what are you leaning toward. Another paragraph should talk about your favorite break from school. You can talk about your spring break, winter break, or summer break. Remember to keep topics appropriate for school though. <body> My name is Alyssa Brewer and this year I am a freshman. I have chosen the major of Mechanical Engineering. This is because I love math and science,as well as the sciences behind how things work. I like tinkering and putting things together. (I think this is because I break the stuff I have to put together 65% of the time. )I think that this major is my perfect job fit, and I will be happy doing it for many years to come. <h1> <p id="font1" class="centered"> My favorite break from school ever would be this past summer, the summer of 2010. It all started withme working almost 40 hours a week, which is ok when you work with friends and have...
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homework5 - XHTML & Styling Create an...

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