homework1[1]complete - one If not explain why 6 Guessme...

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Campus Resources and Computing Basics NCSU Computing System 1. Which of the following could be a valid Unity ID for John Thomas Smith? a) 000123456 b) jtsmith8 c) smithjt d) john_t_smith 2. Describe what a student ID number usually looks like. usually 9 numbers long and begins with a 0. 3. What are the three types of files that you can print using http://print.ncsu.edu/? postscript (.ps), PDF (.pdf), and text files (.txt) 4. What website can you use to permanently register your laptop with NCSU’s wireless system? (This would make it so you don’t have to type in your Unity ID and password every time you turn your computer on.) http://nomad.ncsu.edu 5. What is (or was) your original Unity password? Why is it important that you change this? 65360403 because if anyone gets a hold of my student ID number and knows my birthday they could easily hack into my Unity ID Account. Password Strength For each of the following passwords, indicate whether or not it’d be allowed (circle
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Unformatted text preview: one). If not, explain why. 6. Guessme! Okay Not allowed, because… must contain atleast 1 number 7. [email protected] Okay Not allowed, because…too many numbers in a row 8. ilovebobby Okay Not allowed, because…needs atleast 1 number 9. [email protected] Okay Not allowed, because…it does not contain 8 characters 10.atv4wheeler Okay Not allowed, because… Hands-On 11.Use your NCSU account to send an e-mail to your instructor: • Attach this document in Microsoft Word 2007/2010 format (.docx). • Make the subject as follows: E115 Section 0xx: Homework 1 (replacing xx with your section) • In the To field, put your instructor’s campus e-mail. • In the CC field, put your campus e-mail. 12.Submit this document online, under the submit locker named “Homework1”, in PDF format....
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homework1[1]complete - one If not explain why 6 Guessme...

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