homework4 - use a weighted final average and a few...

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Homework 4 Fall 2010 MS Excel Create a MS Excel spreadsheet that captures the following information and is based off of the sample on the Moodle site [2 pages] (yours must be a .xslx NOT a .pdf): Instructions 1. E 115 course grades must include: a. 10 In Classes b. 5 Homework assignments c. 1 Midterm d. 1 Project e. 1 Final Exam 2. Using your existing grades, transpose the grades you already have, guess the ones you don’t. Recreate the In Class and Homework average columns to use for the next step; DEFINE these cells and use them in the next step as well. 3. Create a Final Average column using a weighted average (given to you in your syllabus) to determine what your overall numerical grade could be. DO NOT use individual grades, use the average column. (Hint: use a formula not a function) 4. Rinse and repeat this process for all other courses you are taking this semester (at least 3 more). If you are not enrolled in any other classes, make some up. Underwater Basket Weaving, Bees & Beekeeping and Sleeping 101 are excellent courses. If you make up a course, you still have to
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Unformatted text preview: use a weighted final average and a few assignments. 5. Create a Final Grade column. For all courses you are earning a grade in, use the standard university A – F scale (don’t worry about +/-, go by 10’s). Remember that some courses are credit only (like E 115) and are Pass/Fail. This must be one statement that you use for every course. (Hint: you are in E 115 and need a 70 or higher). 6. Find the Minimum and Maximum grade for each course in a small table below. 7. Format the spreadsheet to fit the following criteria (see example): a. Arial, 11 point font, center aligned and text b. Bolded heading columns c. A colored border around the content of the spreadsheet d. A thick black border around the max/min table; with a background color e. Name the tab at the bottom: Fall 2010; make it your favorite color 8. Submit the completed . xlsx assignment via Wolfware Submit....
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homework4 - use a weighted final average and a few...

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