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Some useful things to know for Exam 1: Fundamentals: (Ch 2) Know the names and symbols of the elements (ones at the bottom are not as important as the first 50 or so and ones in named groups like the halogens; know common metals like iron, gold, silver, mercury etc. Know what the halogens, alkalai metals, alkali earth metals, transition metals, halogens and noble gases are and their location on the Periodic Table. Know which elements exist as diatomics. Know ALL metric prefixes. Be able to do unit conversion (some folks call this dimensional analysis) and use scientific notation: Be able to use/enter/do these on your nonprogrammable calculator!! Although NAMING ionic and covalent compounds will be held over to exam 2, you should be able to tell that two nonmetals make a covalent compound, and one metal plus one nonmetal make an ionic compound. So, know how to tell metal from nonmetal from metalloid. Chapter 12:
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